Scaling Networks

    The CCNA 3 - Scaling Networks course prepares students for the following:

    • Configure, verify and troubleshoot VLANs spanning multiple switches: VTP, DTP and EtherChannel
    • Configure, verify and troubleshoot STP protocols: Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP), Per VLAN Spanning Tree Plus Protocol (PVST+) and Rapid Per VLAN Spanning Tree Plus Protocol (RPVST+)
    • Understand, configure, and troubleshoot first hop redundancy protocols (HSRP)
    • Understand and describe dynamic routing protocols, distance vector routing protocols, and link-state routing protocols
    • Configure, verify and troubleshoot routers in a complex routed IPv4 or IPv6 network using single-area OSPF, multi-area OSPF, and Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP)

    Anyone who desires a practical and technical introduction to the field of networking. Job roles include headend technicians, network operations centre (NOC) staff, network engineers, network administrators, and network help-desk staff.

    CCNA1: Introduction to Networks
    CCNA2: Routing and Switching Essentials
    or equivalent knowledge

    Module 1: Wired LAN design, selecting network devices
    Module 2: VTP, extended VLANs, DTP, Layer 3 switching
    Module 3: STP concepts, configuration, troubleshooting
    Module 4: Etherchannel, LACP, PAGP, First Hop Redundancy protocols, HSRP
    Module 5: Dynamic Routing protocols, Distance vector and Link State
    Module 6: EIGRP operation and implementation for IPv4 and IPv6
    Module 7: EIGRP Tuning and Troubleshooting, summarisation, default route propagation
    Module 8: Single-Area OSPFv2 and OSPFv3, characteristics and Operation
    Module 9: Multiarea OSPF operation and configuration, Link State Advertisements
    Module 10: OSPF Tuning and Troubleshooting, default route propagation, advanced configuration

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