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    Business and Enterprise: Masterclass in Crisis and Resilience

    Masterclass in Crisis and Resilience

    Presented by Professor Edward P. Borodzicz, this introductory two-day masterclass has been designed to explore how crisis and resilience management can defend an organisation from non-standard hazards and threats and promote organisational resilience.

    The masterclass assumes no prior specialist knowledge of the topic and introduces some of the latest research and thinking on risk, crisis and resilience while also including a number of interactive sessions that enable participants to 'manage' a crisis in a safe learning environment. This masterclass provides vital information and advice for anyone who may be responsible for managing crisis and risk in an organisational context. It will be of interest to senior staff in local and central government agencies, business continuity managers, insurance buyers, the security and emergency services, legal and regulators.

    Topics will include:

    • Theoretical perspectives on risk including the social construction of Risk, Risk Perception, Systemic Risks and Risk Homeostasis
    • Legislation and policy issues and crisis resilience management, in particular compliance with BSi 11200
    • Tools and techniques for building resilience and a capability for crisis management
    • Identification of cultural barriers to effective risk management and the development of resilient organisations
    • Integrated approaches to resilience management that emphasise rigour, insight and intra and inter-organisational working
    • The use and application of interactive methodologies to build capability and capacity for organisation resilience

    About Professor Edward P. Borodzicz Professor of Risk and Crisis Management, University of the West of Scotland

    Edward is a Psychologist and Social Anthropologist with over 25 years of experience in understanding human behaviour in risk and crisis management situations. His interests include: risk, crisis and security management, risk and human behaviour, disaster response, socio-technical systems failure, corporate risk and business continuity, security and resilience, terrorism, transport risks, ethnographic research and simulations and games for training. Edward has worked extensively with the emergency services, local and central government agencies, banks and other types of large organisations who have to both understand risk and develop a capability to respond to uncertainty.

    Edward publishes widely in both academic and professional publications and recently authored a new book entitled ‘Risk, Crisis and Security Management’, which is published by John Wiley & Sons. Edward also appears frequently appears in the popular press, radio and television in the UK and abroad.

    Refreshments and a buffet lunch will be provided.

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