Certified Lean Six Sigma - Yellow and Green Belt

Certified process improvement and quality management qualification, in three levels


Lean Six Sigma is a statistical approach and methodology to measuring and reducing variation to eliminate waste and improve performance. Lean Six Sigma not only reduces process defects and waste, but also provides a means for achieving a culture for continuous improvement. The approach is particularly relevant for those involved in optimising processes and resources relating to:


  • Defects

  • Over-Production

  • Waiting

  • Non-Utilized Talent

  • Transportation

  • Inventory

  • Motion

  • Extra-Processing


The complete course will encompass both an introductory element (Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification) and an advanced element (Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification).


Introductory Element (Yellow Belt)

This five-day comprises both the Yellow and Green Belt Certification.

The introductory element will introduce course participants to the concepts of Lean and Six Sigma, providing introduction, knowledge and practical application of some key tools and techniques to help bring about process improvement. This element (Yellow Belt) of the certification has a practical focus and comprises 17 modules. These modules cover an introduction to:


  • Six Sigma

  • Lean

  • Lean Six Sigma

  • Systems and Process Thinking


  • Lean Six Sigma tools

  • Variation

  • Kaizen

  • 5-S

  • Value Stream Mapping


The introductory element also covers: Total Productive Maintenance, Problem Solving and the Seven Tools of Quality Improvement, Team Work, Process mapping, Measurement Systems Analysis.

The introductory element is assessed though an extensive, probing examination. The assessment is a one-hour, open-book, multiple-choice examination consisting of 50 questions. The pass mark is 60%.

Advanced Element (Green Belt Certification)

This element builds on the introductory element (Yellow Belt course) to broaden knowledge of Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques to enable participants to select and manage an improvement project to provide an understanding of relevant statistical tools and techniques.

This intensive 3-day course is high in practical content and comprises of 13 modules. These modules cover the following:


  • Project and Change Management

  • Advanced Lean Techniques

  • Lean and Six Sigma Measures

  • Costs of Quality

  • Lean Six Sigma Project Selection and Management

  • DMAIC for Green Belt

  • Statistics for Green Belts


The advanced element is also assessed though an extensive, probing examination. It is a one-hour, open-book, multiple choice examination consisting of 50 questions. The pass mark is 60%.

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