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    Education: Languages for Business

    The School of Education offers the following Languages for Business courses:

    • Arabic, French, German, Spanish

    In an increasingly globalised economy, being able to communicate in more than one language is becoming ever more vital. According to the CBI’s Education and Skills Survey 2015, over 75% of businesses have a need for language skills among their employees.

    University of the West of Scotland (UWS) offers organisations and their employees the opportunity to enhance business performance through learning a language. Whether that language is Arabic, French, German or Spanish, we can work with you to boost your confidence when working in a multilingual business world.

    Our focus is on helping you to develop practical language skills that you can use in both social and business contexts. For total language immersion, sessions are conducted in the target language as much as possible, and most are delivered by native speakers.

    Topics which can be covered are wide ranging and take account of the specific nature of your professional development requirements, the existing level of proficiency, and the level to be achieved. We can provide language learning opportunities from beginner’s level through to advanced.

    We can also offer English as a Second Language to support your non-native English speaking employees.

    Bespoke courses tailored to your requirements can be designed and developed in partnership with your organisation, and delivered by UWS trainers either on-site at your premises or at any one of our campuses local to you: Ayr, Dumfries, Lanarkshire and Paisley. To find out more please email.

    If you are interested in studying a language on a leisure basis or with a view to undertaking an academic programme, we also offer part-time modules. These are delivered during the daytime with new intakes starting in September 2019. Further information including how to apply is available here.

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