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    The School of Education can deliver the following Language Training Programme for GTCS Registered Teachers 1+2 Scottish Government Initiative:

    • Arabic, French, German, Spanish

    In 2011, the Scottish Government set out the 1+2 Approach, a programme which aims to ensure that all primary school pupils learn an additional language to their mother tongue from P1, with a second language introduced in P5. The implementation of this initiative will run until 2020.

    In that context, the Languages Centre at University of the West of Scotland (UWS) can develop teachers to reach the right level of skills and confidence to implement the initiative. We can design and deliver training courses in languages including Arabic, French, German and Spanish. Courses can be delivered at different levels according to the needs of the delegates, and are usually provided as a series of half-day sessions over a period of six weeks.

    The main aim of a typical course, at all levels of provision, is to support teachers to embed an additional language into everyday classroom activities. As an example, after participating at an initial six-week course delegates should:

    • Have an understanding of grammar at a basic level
    • Be able to understand and produce basic written and spoken texts using the present tense, including daily routines
    • Be able to describe themselves and their surroundings (town/village, house/apartment, classroom) – including colours and sizes and prepositions of place
    • Be able to understand and give the time
    • Be able to do basic arithmetic calculations
    • Be able to give classroom instructions to primary school pupils, using the imperative and other grammatical forms

    Bespoke courses tailored to your requirements can be designed and developed in partnership with your Local Authority and delivered by UWS trainers either on-site at school premises or at any one of our campuses local to you: Ayr, Dumfries, Lanarkshire, and Paisley. Please email outlining your training and development needs, and one of our Business Development Managers will contact you.

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